In order to provide a cost effective and reliable guaranteed service we require a minimum of 4 passengers daily to operate. We require bookings and full payment prior to departure, pickups on the day may be available but in order to guarantee a seat as space is limited and priority is given to customers that have pre booked we recommend booking at least 24 hours prior to intended travel.

As we run to a tight schedule to meet the ski tube at Bullocks flat we require passengers to be at their chosen pick up point at least 5 minutes before their arranged pick up time. We endeavour to run on time but due to the weather, traffic and unforeseen circumstances we are unable to guarantee exact times and unable to wait for individuals if they are not ready on the day at the pickup locations.

MORNING Schedule Jindabyne to Thredbo

Station Resort              7.45am
Gippsland Street, Jindabyne 7.55am
NSW National Parks, Jindabyne
Ski Tube 8.20am*
Thredbo Information Centre        8.40am


Please note: Ski Tube is approximate (Exact time cannot be confirmed due to weather & traffic conditions). Please note additional charges apply to catch the train up to Perisher resort, tickets available from Perisher.

* For any passenger wishing to return from Thredbo the shuttle can pick you up from Thredbo Information Centre and either drops you off at Ski Tube if you wish to Ski Perisher or drop you off at the National Park Centre, Jindabyne for shopping or to catch a bus connection back to Canberra.

MORNING RETURN Schedule Thredbo to Jindabyne

Thredbo Information Centre  9.00am
Ski Tube, Bollocks Flat Train Connection to Perisher
NSW National Parks Centre, Jindabyne (town centre) 10.00am


AFTERNOON RETURN Schedule Jindabyne to Thredbo

NSW National Parks Centre, Jindabyne (town centre)              3.30pm
Thredbo Information Centre 4.30pm
Ski Tube, Bollocks Flat 5.00pm
NSW Parks Centre, Jindabyne Centre 5.30pm
Gippsland Street, Jindabyne 5.40pm
Station Resort        5.50pm


Please refer to our terms and conditions before booking.

Conditions: – All schedules are correct at the time of publication. The company reserves the right to alter schedules as it deems necessary. Whilst every effort is made to maintain the timetable service, no responsibility will be taken for inconvenience due to delayed service or any additional costs or expenses.